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Established in February 2019, Pilot Point Meat Processing (PPMP), LLC is a small family owned business located at 203 South Jefferson Street in the heart of the historical downtown district of Pilot Point, Texas. Cutting meat has been a labor of love for us, and we are the best at what we do. Our unique style of meat cutting was learned and adopted 50 years ago in Philadelphia, PA from some of the most talented & skilled butchers in the industry by way of cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York.  These skilled butchers were prominent when small independent meat businesses provided meat processing services in urban neighborhoods. Decades ago, these cities had their own unique butchering styles that originated out of the local mom and pop meat businesses of their communities. Many of these skills were lost once private industry and big corporations started mass producing meat processing for a growing global economy.

Our Focus:

Bringing quality butchering BACK! 

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Our Vision:

To stand out from every other meat processing business in Texas by offering a professional service and custom specialty meat cutting that no one in Texas and the neighboring states has ever experienced before.

Our Mission:

To educate and service the public by providing superior quality custom specialty meat cuts that make customers satisfied, happy and entrusting to us with their animals and meat.


Come Visit Us!

If you have concerns or worries about how you plan on getting your animals processed, step out on faith and come visit us in historical downtown Pilot Point. Let us educate you on how we can process your meat to be desirable to the eye as well as to your palate by offering you our custom lean cut options.


203 S. Jefferson St.

Pilot Point, TX  76258

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