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  • Who is responsibile for your animal once it is dropped off?
    Power Point Meat Processing will be responsible for the actual processing of your meat.
  • What happens to your animal once you leave it in our possession and it enters our kill room?
    Once it is killed, it goes into the cooler for 7-10 days to chill. Next, we take it out of the cooler where it is cut and wrapped and placed in the freezer.
  • Why do different animals yield different amounts of quality lean edible meat following processing?
    Generally, cows are either going to be grass fed cows or feedlot cows. Feedlot cows tend to yield more meat because they fed additional nutrients along with grass in order to obtain desired size, muscling and meat marbeling.
  • Do we process meat from all domesticated farm animals to include hogs, sheeps, lambs, goats and chickens?"
  • How long can I leave my processed meat with PPMP before picking it up?
    Upon notification of your meat being ready for pick-up, we like for our customers to pick their meat there as soon as possible.
  • Does PPMP follow U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations and policies?
    Yes. PPMP receive regular facility state regulated inspections in order to meet compliance with the Texas State Department of Agriculture .
  • How does PPMP package your meat?
    Meat can be paper wrapped, douple paper wrapped, or vacuum sealed.
Raw Beef with Herbs and Spices
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