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Our Story

Established in February 2019, Pilot Point Meat Processing (PPMP), LLC is a small family owned business located at 203 South Jefferson Street in the heart of the historical downtown district of Pilot Point, Texas.

  • Love and Passion

    Cutting meat has been a labor of love for us, and we are the best at what we do. With right knowledge and experiences we can serve you the way you like.

  • Our Pricing

    We try to make sure our customers are getting the best services for the best prices. Prices usually varies depending on factors such as type of animal, processing and packaging syles and such.

  • Our Pratices

    We use the best pratices and follow the U.S. Department of Agriculture regulations and policies. We are facilitated and in compliance with the Texas State Department of Agriculture.

Our Experiences

Our unique style of meat cutting was learned and adopted 50 years ago in Philadelphia, PA from some of the most talented & skilled butchers in the industry from places all around the states such as Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York.

  • Our Culture

    These skilled butchers were prominent when small independent meat businesses provided meat processing services in urban neighborhoods.

  • Our History

    Decades ago, these cities had their own unique butchering styles that originated out of the local mom and pop meat businesses of their communities.

  • Our Goal

    Many of these skills were lost once private industry and big corporations started mass producing meat processing for a growing global economy. Our goal is to bring this back!

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