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Main Features

Ruminant Animal Processing

We process all ruminant animals (cows, lamb, sheep, goat).

Specific Cut Processing

We process the following: chuck, brisket, shank, ribs, plate, loin, round, flank.

Customized Processing

We can fill any order that you desire depending on the health and conditioning of your animal.

Storage Preparation

We cryo vacuum or paper wrap all meats for freezer/refrigeration storage.

New: Dashain Special

Looking for Goats?

With the Festival Dashain around the corner we are now providing Goats for limited time only! Contact us to get more information.

Looking for Chickens/Roosters?

If you are looking for Chicken or Roosters you are in luck! We also have Local Chickens. Contact us to get more information.

Looking for Ham?

No worries we also have Ham avaliable! Please contact us for more information.

Looking for something specific?

If you are looking for something specific, please feel free to reach out to us. We have wide network and we are always here to help!

Service Features


We find the most humane way to slaugter animals and this stage is subject to strict regulations to ensure the safety of the meat.


Here depending on the animal we cover areas such as bleeding, dressing, carcass splitting, chilling, aging, trimming and if required further processing.


Meat is packaged to protect it from contamination and extend its shelf life. Packaging include plastic, shrink-wrap, or other methods. Give us a Call!


You will find the best services at the best price compared to the market around here. Contact us for specific prices and rates as they vary on several factors!

Words from real customers

" This year (2022) I had 2 steer which I needed to have processed the place I use in Muenster was backed up for 10 months. I was looking for somewhere else to go and I heard that Pilot Point was under a new owner. I was hesitant to try them at first, but my gosh am I glad I did?! They were able to get me in within a month and they were able to turn around the meat in 9 days. "

Sarah Hansen Image

Chris Varns

1 Year Ago

" Larry The Cattle Guy knows his steak. Go straight to the source for top shelf chicken and ham too! "

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Andrew Mansfield Blikken

Recent Customer

" I have had both the ground beef and some steaks and both were wonderful with just salt. I even asked for the hooves (pata de res) and they had no problem getting them to me. Of course the customer service was top notch as well (Margie at the front desk was sweet as could be)...but Pilot Point is where I will be going for now on. "

Mark Wilkinson Image

Mark Wilkinson

1 year ago

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Whether you have rumiant amimal you need processed or you are looking for animals that you want processed you can use us as a service!